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Uprightly is a decentralized reputation protocol that empowers users to build their reputation with reviews and encourages cooperation in all marketplaces.

It works with all currencies, crypto and fiat. There are no transaction fees and no oracles.

Uprightly is independent of any other platform, so users’ Uprightly reputation can follow them everywhere, online AND offline. Businesses and users can bring their reputation to any marketplace without needing to start from scratch.

It makes use of blockchain technology to assure fair play and avoid censorship and manipulation.

The Uprightly protocol includes economic theory to incentivize users to cooperate.

Uprightly also includes a world-class user interface application that allows users to see the reputation of users and create reviews for users.

It can be integrated in to all sorts of third-party applications via a robust API, as well.

Potential use cases include: credit scores, background checks, testimonials, reviews, referrals, and more.

Read the whitepaper for a lot more details!