UPT (Uprightly Protocol Token) is an ERC20 and ERC827 token based on the Ethereum Blockchain.

What address do I send ETH to?

Address: Coming soon.

Video verification of the address: Coming soon.

What are the dates within which I can contribute?

TBA. To be sure, check this website. We will announce when the offering officially begins and ends.

When will I get my tokens?

Immediately during the purchase transaction.

How many tokens will I get?

Contributors will receive 1000 UPT per 1 ETH. The total amount of UPT is not capped, which ensures that everyone is able to participate in the token sale.

What are the token allocations for the team and contributors?

We aim to have contributors own the majority of the tokens. After the crowdsale has ended, we will mint some tokens for special cases so that 60% of the total tokens are held by contributors of the crowdsale. 10% will be minted for a future crowdsale if funding is required. 30% will be minted for the team to be vested over a 2-year period with a 6 month cliff.

Breakdown of Token Allocation

Are there any incentives for being an early contributor?

No. All contributions will be treated equally. We want the offering to be an honest affair without creating a frenzy. We do not want people to miss out or be pushed out by bigger contributors. The success of the project is what is most important, thus it is critical that the tokens are distributed widely to many market participants.

Will there be ample time to review the contract code?

Yes. The offering will last a month, giving enough time for code inspection. We will also release the code and publish the contract address before the offering begins so people can inspect the code beforehand as well.

We will use OpenZeppelin’s contracts for CrowdSales and Tokens. These are perhaps the most-secure, well-audited contracts in the ecosystem today.