Daniel DeGreef: Founder and Smart Contract Engineer

Daniel DeGreef Photo

Daniel has 14 years of experience in software engineering and has worked for many organizations on projects big and small. He has led teams on development of ecommerce websites and distributed systems. Daniel has started multiple successful businesses in the past involved in ecommerce, data analysis, and marketing. He has an educational background in business management, mathematics and economics. He has been interested in the cryptocurrency movement since 2012. See more on his LinkedIn

Matthew Fender: Lead API Engineer

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Matthew is a lawyer turned software engineer. He has experience leading software organizations and establishing business relationships. He has developed multiple successful API’s and applications for a wide variety of businesses. His educational background is in law and technology. See more on his LinkedIn

David Bondy: Lead UI Engineer

David Bondy Photo

David has exceptional experience as a designer, photographer and software engineer. He has a penchant for beautiful front-end work and works on UI’s that reach millions of users. His background is in computer science and design. See more on his LinkedIn


Nicholas Dirienzo

Mathematics & Economics

Tiffany Kennedy

Partnerships & Business Development

Nicholas Guastalli

White Paper Development